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Nightwish premiere “Noise” the first single FROM Human. :II: Nature.

Finnish symphonic legends Nightwish have unleashed “Noise”, the long awaited first taste of their new album, their second with the amazing Dutch Queen Floor Jansen and the first with Kai ahto confirmed as permanent drummer. “Noise” is the song chosen to be the herald of a new piece of crafting assembled by the immensely talented Tuomas Holopainen.

The song shows a return to the sound of Imaginaerum , Dark Passion Play and Once with some influences in terms of lyrics from After Forever and Epica. The beggining of the song sounds like Storytime mixed with Dark Chest of Wonders and it is a great example of the power that riffs have had in the last 4 albums of the band. Floor finally puts some power in her vocals and even adds operatic vocals at some point of the song reminiscing to the old After Forever days. Noise is an upbeat tune with heavy hard hitting riffs, amazing keyboard orchestrations, and excellent vocal performance by Floor and backing vocalists Marco and Troy.

The video is directed by Stobe Harju , the director of the movie Imaginareum and it shows. Like a dark carnival, a grim circus, each member of the band plays a character in a dark (passion) play in which tuomas reflects on the effects of social media addiction and the abandonement of reality and nature. The video is in constant motion so it’s hard to concentrate on the images, the song , and the lyrics at the same time so I would recommend a couple of listenings to properly acquire all the information that is given.

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