Nuclear Winter Interview

LOMM: Can you give a little biographical and historical info; who is involved in the band, and how did you guys meet up?
Nuclear Winter: I’m the sole member of Nuclear Winter – which I started in 2013.

LOMM: Pandemic has taken an emotional toll on everyone yet the arts have been hit especially hard. The musicians are vulnerable to financial upheaval. How have you guys been holding up?
Nuclear Winter: I work as a 3d designer for my day job and luckily not much has changed this year on the work front so I’ve been quite busy. I do wish I could put more time into music though but it’s the graphics work that keeps things going for me

LOMM: On the other hand you seem to have had a productive time. Is that right?
Nuclear Winter: It has been beneficial to me with the lockdowns etc – I’ve actually had a bit more time to focus on music so I’m now about 3/4 done on a new album.

LOMM: Modern sounds are my thing, How about you? What does your genre mean to you, why did you choose this genre?

Nuclear Winter: I’ve always liked heavy music that has a melodic foundation, so melodic/industrial death metal incorporates that the best. And the more energy the better.. Which is why I don’t like doom metal. It’s like death metal with no enthusiasm.

LOMM: How did the initial musical and thematic elements evolve?
Nuclear Winter: Every song I make starts with a rough idea on the guitar and synths, and then I record some rough vocals and once the idea starts taking shape I build on it from there.

LOMM: Are you happy with your product? I mean, what aspects of it do you think you guys nailed, and what parts do you think you could improve upon?

Nuclear Winter: I’m very pleased with what I’ve released so far but there’s always something that can be improved. For me improving the mix is always a priority.

LOMM: How has the overall reception been?
Nuclear Winter: Mostly very good actually. In some cases the reviews were better than I expected but there were obviously the bad reviews. I like the reviews that don’t praise everything though. It helps to find areas to improve on.

LOMM: Have you ever been on a tour? Given live performances? Is it tough for you not to be able to do so now?

Nuclear Winter: No not been on tour or performed any of my Nuclear Winter stuff live.

LOMM: What do you see for your future? How is it looking?

Nuclear Winter: I try not to think too much about the future. As long as things are moving forward that’s the main thing. Also because Zimbabwe is a very unpredictable country – It’s very difficult to make plans for the future.

LOMM: Could you tell us about the lyrics / themes /concepts you focus on or plan to focus on? How did the ideas come about, and how do they influence the writing process? Who is writing the lyrics?

Nuclear Winter: I write the lyrics but I’m very bad at doing that so I look online for dark poetry for inspiration, and I like lyrics with a melancholic theme about them.

LOMM: What bands do you draw your inspiration from?
Nuclear Winter: For inspiration I like to listen to a bunch of different bands.. in fact I like to get ideas from stuff I haven’t heard before so I’ll go on YouTube and listen though various mix compilations for ideas and also just to discover new bands.

LOMM: What’s more important to you? Catering to the audience or music for its own sake?

Nuclear Winter: Only music for its own sake.

LOMM: When you look back on your music career, what do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?

Nuclear Winter: There’s not been any big stand out accomplishments I’d say – I think each album in itself I treat as an accomplishment. Although if I had to choose – I think my album Night Shift sits at the top of what I’ve released. I think though the new album I’m working on will be a step up from that.  

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