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Ocean Depths’ New Single

The independent technical metalcore band Ocean Depths, hailing from Tilburg, the Netherlands, just released their first single Eidolon, with the new line-up, including one of my favourite guitarists Barış Dai.

Their music is intense and head-banging-inducing with all those insane double bass patterns, competent polyrhythmic riffs, harmonies, wide spectrum of vocal techniques and all the craziness going on.
There are breakdowns in their music yet they don’t rely on them to carry their music, the sheer technicality and emotion can carry it for miles. Talent is evident in this band, from the sick as hell drummer to the brutal riffs of the guitar. 

On Eidolon daredevilish and technical music go from brutal and pounding to (relatively) lighthearted melodic section masterfully, nothing feels jumpy.
Looking forward to hearing more.

Band members

Remus Stingaciu – Vocals
Robin Hoogendoorn – Guitars
Barış Dai – Guitars
Edgar Rodriguez – Bass
Danny Uijens – Drums

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