Bio: Overdrive was formed whilst still at secondary school back in 1977 yes 1977!! By myself Tracey (Lead guitar) and Ian (Bass guitar) Scratch (Drums ) and Steve (Vocals) all so joined the band and were all school pals and the same age.

We released our 1st EP On the run / Nightmare / Stonehenge which was self-financed in 1980.

We only released 500 copies – only 100 in a picture sleeve – and these soon sold out. This is now an extremely rare EP and was bootlegged by Brazilian record label phoenix Records on blue vinyl.

Soon after the EP release unfortunately we went our separate ways. Steve and Scratch formed (Marz) Ian (Silent Movies) and me (Pendragon). It wasn’t until 1988 Ian and I reformed to record two albums: Dishonest Words and A Day in the life of Overdrive. In 1992 we split.

In 2005 I was approached by George Arvanitakis of ONWOBHM Records (Obscure New Wave of British Heavy Metal Records) who informed us that we had a massive underground following in Europe and we should release a 3rd album on his label. We agreed, signed to him and in 2006 On Wizard Ridge was released – again this soon was sold out in but 2007. High Roller Records released this album again on Ltd edition Vinyl and soon to follow was Three Corners to Nowhere both on Vinyl and CD.

Since then we have played festivals in Germany, Poland, Italy, Greece and have even played in the USA sharing the stage with Raven and Attacker.

The last 3 years have seen a slight line-up change as Steve has retired from the music scene so…

Long-time friend Ian has since joined us on Bass and a new recruit on Lead Vocal Dave Poulter to record our final album The Final Nightmare – released on Pure Steel Records on 22nd August 2014, produced by The Dark Lord Himself Mr Chris Tsangrides.

Lyrics, themes and concepts: Tracey and Dave are mainly involved with Lyrics Tracey the Music or Riffs if you want!! Basically the concept is about your everyday nightmares in life. The 1st track Invited to Hell is the invitation to the story which covers addiction to drinks and drugs problems with family splitting up with your partner or loved one being shit on (sorry); one’s about being stuck on a mountain (don’t ask); the death of a child Taken Young (Ben’s song); and Finally death in the final nightmare – it speaks for itself.

Ideas about the album: We are more than pleased with the latest album. As always, we say “oh well, we should have done that differently” but Chris has made a great job on the production!! It has been 3 years in the making this one; we hope it is well received as we have worked hard on the project and hope to play it live soon. (Overdrive plays Heavy Metal Night 7 in Italy on Saturday 21st September).

Preference; live or studio: Playing live does it for us (the hanging around don’t!!)

Next step; live or studio: We hope the album sells well and the promoters book us to play at festivals soon – who knows, we may do another one, we will see!

Inspirations: When Overdrive started we were influenced by bands such as Deep Purple Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy to name a few – really influenced the way we wrote our music so in 1977-78 all these so called garage bands surfaced in the UK such as Iron Maiden, Saxon and Def Leppard again to name a few. They hit the scene and were branded the NWOBHM – we were not lucky enough to hit the big time at that time but hey we love the genre we love our music and we love to play it even today.

Want more of Overdrive? Visit their Official Pages here and here, Facebook or watch their videos here!

Photo courtesy of Tracey Poulter.

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