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I’ve always gravitated to bands that are willing to stretch the boundaries of music. Never sounding the same. Different textures and styles. They didn’t have to be a prog band to influence me, but they did. So here is my list of songs I picked that influenced my path to prog.

Joe out!

1. Pink Floyd — Welcome to the Machine — who wasn’t influenced by  Pink Floyd? Atmospheric and great engineering for the time. Can’t say enough of them.

2. Queen — Death on Two Legs — The masters of so many different styles. Always willing to do what they want and the public always followed.

3. Led Zeppelin — Achillies Last Stand — My cousin Chris knows my propensity to pick the “dark and less popular” albums. This song shows Led Zeppelin  in a such a different light and my favorite song by them. The Stories on how fast they recorded this album is legendary.

4. The Alan Parsons Project – How many times did you here their songs on the radio and think, “Who are these guys?” Well no one still knows the answer since there are different people playing on every album but they turned out great music and this is a top 3 song for me by them

5. Asia — Sole Survivor– What can you say about this song? It’s an 80’s prog masterpiece.

6. Rush — A Farewell To Kings – You wouldn’t think of me not having this band on the list now would you?

7. Chicago — Question 67 & 68 — The early days of Chicago is a music wonderland. Jazzy, funky with harmonies and pop sensibilities. I suggest listening to the Rhino remasters of Chicago at Carnegie Hall.

8. Jethro Tull — Aqualung — Radio and my cousin brought me to this band. You don’t hear music like this on the radio anymore (well, except for classic rock radio).

9. Genesis — The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. 2 disks of prog heaven. The vision of this band was only challenged by Pink Floyd.

10. Kansas — The Wall — A top 5 song of all time for me. Hammond organ harmonies and violin in a rock band. Nuff said.

11. Marillion — Childhood’s End? – From my favorite album of Marillion a throwback to the early days of Genesis and melodically brilliant.

12. Paul Simon — Late in The Evening – Worldly in his music, Paul Simon for decades has stretch the limits of music for my enjoyment. The first of two visits by drummer, Steve Gadd.

13. Peter Gabriel — Solsbury Hill — This man is a musical and visual genius who leads the way in stretching musical boundaries.

14. Saga — On The Loose — I saw this band and this song on MTV and rushed out right away to pick it up and that sent me on my way to buying a lot of their albums.

15. Simple Minds — Waterfront– Yes, they are new wave and yes they have a bit of progressiveness to them. People always know them for the Breakfast Club song (Don’t You Forget About me) but they were together since 1979 and had 6 albums out before that single. Very textured and I loved the guitarist’s  (Charlie Burchill) style. Reminded me of Alex Lifeson’s style in the 80’s

16. Steely Dan — Aja — What can you say about a perfect 10? The drum break – By Steve Gadd – and trumpet solo is out of this world.

17. Styx — The Grand Illusion — How do you get prog on the radio?! Ask Styx. Catchy and full of hooks a favorite of mine from them.

18. Toto — Hydra — People always know Toto for their pop songs but they have so many great album cuts and they can be very proggy.

19. The Who — Reign O’er Me — The Who, Beatles & The Beach Boys all started this ride of pushing the musical boundaries (or is it, made it famous?). That being said, one of the most powerful live bands ever!

20. Yes — And You & I – Had to go out with my favorite Yes song and I always thought this as a great closer for a set.

Well have at it folks! Enjoy!

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