Prologue: Lost They say that you can’t step in the same river twice. But I would give anything just to swim back up the river and go back to the world that was thirty minutes ago. Last night, I exultantly fell asleep into a world full of infinite dreams, in which our impending, biggest ever tour for which I’d yearned for the past fifteen years had already become reality. In forty-eight hours, the proudest announcement of our career would break the news and we would become the most famous band in the country. We’d go from four nameless twenty-somethings who’d practiced with the cheapest of equipment in the messy, dusty basement of this house, to household names. But before the sun rose, one of us would become a household name only a little too soon. I could already see myself standing proudly on the stage at the head of the venue of our triumphant hometown headlining show. A crowd beyond the reach of counting was packed in like a rabid political rally, single-mindedly gathered from around the motherland for our cause. They did not know what we were about to play, but they were such devoted fans they would undoubtedly … Continue reading RIVERSIDE – EYE OF THE SOUNDSCAPE (A TRIBUTE TO PIOTR GRUDZIŃSKI)