Prologue: Lost They say that you can’t step in the same river twice. But I would give anything just to swim back up the river to the world thirty minutes ago. Last night, I fell asleep into a world full of infinite dreams, in which our impending, biggest-ever tour for which I’d yearned for the past fifteen years had already become reality. In forty-eight hours, we would become the most famous band in the country. All four of us would be household names. But before the sun rose, one of us would become a household name only a little too soon. The crowd was packed in like a rabid political rally, single-mindedly gathered from around the motherland for our cause. They did not know what we were about to play, but they were such devoted fans they would know whatever it is we did play. We cared very little that every album of ours was stored somewhere in the darkest corners of their homes, compared with how every note of ours was etched upon the deepest contours of their hearts. And just as we were about to strike the first note, I heard a piercing yell escape my lips without … Continue reading RIVERSIDE – EYE OF THE SOUNDSCAPE (A TRIBUTE TO PIOTR GRUDZIŃSKI)