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Bio: SCHYSMA is the creation of keyboardist Martina Bellini, with the bassist Giorgio Di Paola, both originally members of a band called PURPLEKNIGHTS. In September of 2009, after years of live performance in rock and metal clubs across Northern Italy, the two began working together to compose original songs.

Initially, the new material was intended for the band, but it soon became apparent that the music they were creating was a radical shift from their band’s current style, incorporating more complex rhythms and an increasingly more progressive sound. Unfortunately, their collaboration began to create friction within the band and within a year PURPLEKNIGHTS had dissolved completely.

Both Martina and Giorgio, however, were inspired by their new musical results and were motivated to continue. Together, the two set out to form a new band and began their search for musicians who would share their enthusiasm. By mid-2011, after countless auditions, two exceptional musicians were discovered, both of whom would add significant value to their project.

Drummer Lucas Solina, not only provides powerful, precision grooves that strengthen each song, but also brings his skills as a composer to the group. Valdimiro Sala is an accomplished guitarist who demonstrates a remarkable command of his instrument with innovative technique. Last, but not least, vocalist Riccardo Minicucci joined the group in 2012 and brings his aggressive and melodic vocal styles to complete the band’s formidable lineup.

On 29 September 2012 Imperfect Dichotomy, first EP, was released, and on early October 2012 the fab Californian magazine http://www.rrmetalmag.com/ promotes Schysma in USA.

On October 2012 Schysma signed for French label http://www.optiasso.fr/ for promotion and release all over Europe and tour.

Genre: Progressive Metal

Evolution of musical and thematic elements:  The schism represents a division, in whichever scope one wishes to consider. In biology, schism is defined as cellular division, which is the origin of life. But not all cells are benign: there are cancerous cells which can lead to death. And yet, their process is the same. A schism. From here, the dualism that the band seeks to represent: the group is singular and yet it is made up of radically different elements owing to diverse influences, styles and musical tastes. The influences span from 80s hard rock to progressive metal band including Dream Theater, Rammstein, Whitesnake, Saxon, Stratovarious and Rush.

In the wake up the dualism implied by the name of the band, the first EP to be presented September 29th at Keller di Curno (BG – Italy) could not better emphasize the concept: an imperfect dichotomy, an imprecise subdivision. The lyrics on the EP have as a concept the human soul and mind: what could be more dichotomous or imperfect than the human being?

The entire EP can be defined as a thematic concept, recounts on each track a different aspect of the spiritual life of an individual, a person, who gradually becomes aware of the world in which he lives in.

The album begins with an intro where a preacher reads a passage from the bible that describes human corruption and introduces a serious theme, what is wrong with the world?

Lost in the Maze, which begins immediately afterwards, recounts the inner struggles of a person trapped in a labyrinth of dissatisfaction, in search of something to fulfil him.

The Noise of Silence represents a second step forward: at the end of this spasmodic search, he finds a sole answer in the silence, whose prolonged sound becomes a deafening noise, an unfillable vacuum.

In the subsequent track Migdal, the individual looks for an answer to his questions in the surrounding world, and through careful analysis becomes aware of the decline towards which all humans are doomed in their relentless struggle to be more like God. Migra (the derivation of which is Migdal) then reminds us of God’s destruction of the Tower of Babel to punish human’s arrogance.

Upset by the hypocrisy and malaise in the world, Supreme Solution first talks about a world where everything is different, and then vents with rage and frustration, invoking the destruction of mankind with a relentless “Nuke em”. In the final part of the track, once his anger has calmed, the individual becomes once again aware of the tragic situation, conscious of the fact that sooner or later, he will be become a part of that corrupt system. Finally, in Sinners, one speaks about the apocalypse. Man has failed in his aim for redemption and therefore the sinners, who in our view correspond to the average man, become punished by a higher power and everything fades into the dark.

Ideas about the EP: We are happy of our EP, now, for the full length, we want to improve the graphics and the web site!

Reception: Our music is not so commercial, so it’s difficult to listen we think, but the overall reception seems good! Especially after our first video clip release.

Preference; live or studio: On the road for sure!!But also hearing songs being true in studio is a good stuff!

Next step; live or studio: Now we have to write the songs for the album, but maybe some gigs here in Italy and maybe in France. But it’s very difficult, especially here in Italy, to get international tours.

Future plans: Ahahah, in music we trust!!But we are also disillusioned (imperfect dichotomy docet)! We have to wait and see! We are doing all the best to keep out!

Composers: I (Martina) write the lyrics, the song are composing by the band, whole

Inspirations: Martina: Black Sabbath, Rammstein, Whitesnake; Giorgio: Rush, Whitesnake; Riccardo: Edguy, Stratovarius; Vladimiro: Dream Theater, Angra; Luca: Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: I tell what I think (it’s not necessarily what the band think): catering to the audience.

Greatest Accomplishment: I was the founder of the band, I change a lot of musician, for more than 5 years, so what I have now is already a pleasure! But also when people say that my sounds is characteristic of the band and when someone tell me to sign an autograph!!! (Incredible but is true!!)

You can see the first video of the band here…


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