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Semantic Saturation

Today I’m pleased to tell you that Shant is back at it, with a refreshing new album that will blow the minds of all the proggers out there. Shant is not only a really nice guy with great hair (Seriously Shant, your hair is amazing), but his creativity surpasses the music and spills on everything he touches. He managed to keep a strong, almost intimate connection with his audience and fans through his career in different ways. That’s something I appreciate deeply. He understands how much the music business has changed through the years and how anything that comes under the “metal” label is particularly alive and kicking thanks to the effort of the fans, today more than ever.

But let’s go back to the new album. As I said Semantic Saturation, a band I love deeply has another album in the making. The album is titled Paradigms and I’m honestly dying to hear the whole thing, but from what I’ve heard so far, it’s going be as fun and creative as the previous one. Paradigms features, like the previous album, a bunch of cool people that you may recognize from other prestigious bands such as Kristoffer Gildenlöw, Derek Sherinian and Alex Argento. The album is already entering the production stage but as you may know, the music business is very expensive and the band is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for this matter. Let’s hear it from Shant himself:

“Paradigms” is entering the production stage where all the magic happens. I need your help in funding it by covering the recording costs of all the musicians, mixing, mastering and production, and bringing the music to life. The funding goal is not set to make any profits. It only covers a “big” part of the production costs, the rest I spend from my own pocket.

The campaign will finish in less than one week and we haven’t reached the goal yet. You can listen to some album teasers in the band’s official facebook page or their YouTube channel. As I said, metal music is alive because of us, let’s help this amazing musician to bring another album to life. Pledge and get ready to join a magical musical ride!

PS: Shant is offering also really cool stuff to anyone who pledges (starting from one dollar!).

Link to the Indiegogo Campaign here

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