Soren Andersen Interview

Ten years later our Lady and Soren Andersen met again and talked about the new album of the talented musician , the guest appearances on it, composing experience for other artists and so many other things.

Make sure to check out his new insturmental album called “GUILTY PLEASURES” featuring some great artists such as Chad Smith, Glenn Hughes, Marco Mendoza, Neil Murray, Ida Nielsen, Marcus Linnet, Simona Abdallah, Michael Gersdorff, Morten Hellborn. I mean wow!


I’m a musician to the bone. Since I was 16, I’ve been working as a professional with little formal education except for hugs and love from my parents. I grew up with the 70’s classic rock as my main influence, but because I was a teenager in the 80’s, I couldn’ t miss diggin’ the many synthpop bands as well. Then grunge changed everything for me in the 90’s because of the mix of classic rock and pop songs. Today I’m still soaking up new music everyday from the radio, TV and live shows. I see myself as an open-minded musician/producer/songwriter with ears for many kinds of music. I listen to everything from thrash metal to Icelandic experimental ambience, but till I die, my heart belongs to classic rock!


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