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    Trepalium – Voodoo Moonshine EP

    Voodoo Moonshine is the latest EP from absolutely bonkers French metallers Trepalium. When an album’s promo material describes it as being “for fans of Meshuggah, Pantera, and jazz with attitude”, you…

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    Mother of Millions – Human

    I have had a feast of progressive rock musical experiences recently and I make no bones about prog-rock being my favoured musical genre. However, every now and then something comes along…

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    Destrage- Are You Kidding Me? No.

    Yup, to hell with it folks, I’ve had enough. After two years of struggling with trying to find a cozy genre for band after killer band, I’ve finally met my match.…

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    Riseback – Riseback

    Can you cast your minds back to the 70’s and 80’s, for some of our more fresh faced readers, that may prove difficult, I know! There were not many members of…

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    81db – A Blind Man’s Dream

    “Progressive music is not only about shredding and odd times (that we absolutely LOVE) but also about not having any boundaries in the music that you express and play.” -81db When…