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    Anathema- Distant Satellites

    Very few albums in my lifetime have had the immediate and lasting impact on me that the 2012 release by Britain’s Anathema, Weather Systems, did. Though the rest of their work…

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    John Wesley- Disconnect

    I can’t think of a musician who has danced around the circles I love as much as John Wesley. He was a steady opener for Marillion, a favorite band of mine,…

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    Tryptamin- Monday Hangover

    I woke up this morning (don’t worry, my ‘dawg hasn’t died’, my woman hasn’t ‘gone left me’ and I haven’t woken up in the Deep South of the USA in the…

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    Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull

    Kings Of Leon always were the hairier, rougher Oasis to The Strokes’ smarter, more exploratory Blur. Caleb Followill’s familial preacher-progeny crew have had an up-and-down decade, but their ambition was always…

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    Wingmen – Look At You

    ‘Cheap thrills on a crowded bus, drowning in city life…where expats dribble diatribe’ (Pointy Shoes) It may have been nearly a decade in the making, but independently produced albums are not…