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Discovering New Music. Case Study: Cave In
07 Jul. 2019

Discovering New Music. Case Study: Cave In

Those in the know would agree…

Discovering new music is simply amazing. If it’s something you emotionally connect with you find yourself in a perfect rapture… in an intense state of happiness… an unusual sense of euphoria… it is like you get carried away by this overwhelming emotion!

Until 6th grade, my music knowledge was limited to what I got exposed at home. It wasn’t bad, though, as my lovely mum and brother were music nerds themselves. At 7th grade, I started to dig through boxes at the local record store and asked the owner, the wise old man, to recommend me some music… He would ask me what I liked the most and play me something he would consider to be similar… He introduced me to a lot new music that year. You see I had my own streaming service algorithm going back then 😀

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