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    Dissona – Paleopneumatic

    I’m a little late to the party in reviewing Dissona‘s brilliant new album. Back in 2013 we highly praised their self-titled first full release, highlighting its classy experimentation as a particular…

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    Froskull- Froskull

    I like to think my music taste is quite wide ranging. Yes, I major on progressive rock and metal but I have a love of all music that is good. When…

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    Animals as Leaders – The Joy of Motion

    Animals as Leaders is a band that is hard to categorize. Their experimental and innovative approach to music definitely puts them in the progressive realm, but they also incorporate other elements…

  • - Album Reviews

    Kindler- Afterglow

    I always wonder how certain areas become hotbeds for music, how certain towns and cities just seem to be prime breeding areas for bands and musical movements. The two that come…

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    Panopticon – Kentucky

    For the better part of the year, I’ve been searching for albums that could potentially strike me in an emotional, heartfelt way. I’ve come across plenty that impressed me tons from…