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    Elvenking -The Pagan Manifesto

    Although Italian Folk/Power Metallers Elvenking have been active since 1997 (recording their excellent debut, Heathenreel in 2001, Wyrd in 2004, and The Winter Wake in 2006) and amassed an underground following…

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    Mike LePond – Silent Assassins

    For many, Mike LePond is no stranger in the metal genre. His name is most synonymously connected with the progressive metal band Symphony X, but he has lent his talents to…

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    Trollfest- Kaptein Kaos

    I remember when someone told me Trollfest was a caricature of Finntroll. Yeah, right. Trollfest is, for many, perhaps the only band out there of True Norwegian Balkan Metal, and for me…

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    Scythia – …Of Conquest

    Everyday I receive dozens of links to promo albums from dozens of record companies and PR firms. I read the description of the bands music/genre and based on if the bands…

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    Trollfest – Brumlebassen

    If it’s a matter of confessing, I must say that when I listened to the first few seconds of Brumlebassen, by Trollfest, I seriously considered not listening to the rest of the…