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    CRYSTAL BALL’s “Dawnbreaker” is getting released today!

    CRYSTAL BALL’s “Dawnbreaker” is getting released today! 0 Mon, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 admin CRYSTAL BALL’s new album “Dawnbreaker” will be released this Friday, November 29th! The band has…

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    The Sixxis and the Winery Dogs

    Review by Karen As I was preparing for my flight to New Jersey, I was as giddy as a teenager!  My bestie Michelle and I had been planning this for months! …

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    Dream Theater- Live at Luna Park

    Dream Theater’s upcoming Live at Luna Park concert (releasing in November on CD, DVD, and Bluray) was shown in a limited number of theaters in many different countries over the past…

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    Systematrix by Ivanhoe

    Progressive metal is a genre that in the contemporary musical scene is hard to find in its true essence, because there are bands out there who are trying hard to build…

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    Top Ten Istanbul Live Music Venues

    10. NINA, Galatasaray: Intimate, friendly rooftop terrace jazz, blues and rock & roll. Typical acts: Aysu & The 4th World 9. KARGA, Kadıköy: Sophisticated, artistic venue at the top of the…

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    Dylan Ware – Wolfsongbird

    You can look at sensitive male singer-songwriters in a couple of ways: one, shy, needy, knock-kneed types too emotionally illiterate and scared of the world to express themselves in any other…