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    Moonspell – Extinct

    Some albums I’ve discovered writing for Lady Obscure Music Magazine just make me wonder how many veterans of the metal scene are there I’ve barely heard of. You know, those cases…

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    Kowai – Dissonance

    It is hard for me to be discreet about my not so secret affinity for female fronted metal bands.  But still, loving them like I do, I often get very disappointed.…

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    Tristania – Darkest White

    Contrary to the popular belief and the fame that I have out there in cyberspace (of which I’m not responsible in any way), I’m not a clairvoyant. And even though I…

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    Tears Of Martyr – Tales

    Once upon a time I read a tale about a mirror, manufactured by the devil himself. When eventually this mirror shattered, it fell in earth in the form of microscopic pieces,…

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    Godyva – Alien Heart

    Maybe it’s because it relates to women in general, or maybe just another fixation of mine, but for some reason, gothic metal (perhaps gothic culture in general) has always been fascinating…

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    Theatres Des Vampires

    Yesterday, I was to a very impressive gig and got introduced to a band I am a little too late to check out… Although, better late than never, right? The band…