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    Kobra & The Lotus – Prevail II

    Canadian hard rock/metal exports Kobra & The Lotus are primed and ready for their return to their quest for world domination with the release of Prevail II on April 27, 2018,…

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    JORN – Life On Death Road

    It’s been four long years since Norwegian Viking vocal god Jorn Lande released his last studio album under the JORN banner (2013’s Traveller), but in that time, Lande has been far…

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    Kobra & The Lotus – Prevail I

    There is an old quote that goes; the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. This is especially true in today’s music industry. Back in 2014, Canadian hard…

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    Pretty Maids – Kingmaker

    When you think about hard rock/metal bands who have been around for 3 decades and are only in the last several years have released their most impressive and vital music of…

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    Outtrigger- The Last of Us

    Rock and roll, my dear friends, is far from dead. And I’m not referring to the onslaught of post-neo-prog-core bands that seem to be of abundance these days, I’m talking about…

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    Pretty Maids- Louder Than Ever

    There’s always a certain risk involved in putting out the album featuring only a few recently written tracks surrounded by the rearranged or rerecorded old stuff. The fans, as everyone probably…