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    Proud Peasant – Flight

    “Variety of mere nothings gives more pleasure than uniformity of something”, John Paul. Let me ask a question, “Are we happier being herded as sheep? Or do we like variety in…

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    Profusion- RewoToweR

    Shortly after their 2006 release, One Piece Puzzle, with tensions increasing within the camp, the Italy based progressive rock band Profusion was on the verge of collapse. After replacing a few…

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    Gekko Projekt – Electric Forest

    Review By Crobar Once one plugs into the Electric Forest, one realizes it is an illuminating brand of Progressive music that ROCKS while creating the atmospheric musings, which harken back to…

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    Karcius- The First Day

    I always love coming across bands that I can’t classify, bands whose sound is so unique that they don’t fit into any readymade and labeled box. It is even more special…