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Threshold – Legends of the Shires: A Life Retrospective
07 Jul. 2019

Threshold – Legends of the Shires: A Life Retrospective

This is a largely autobiographical story about me and a real person, with real dates, though some events have been slightly altered or interpreted from the album itself for creative license, and names omitted out of great respect for the person involved.

This is the story of my life before, with, and after the person that I met as a result of this very album, that predicted every one of those things would happen, and yet ultimately predicted that pain would end and this new journey I am about to embark upon would come from it. It is written as a message of thanks to everyone who has supported me during the worst times of my life, to bring me to the greatest moment of my life, and a message of hope that no matter how far you’ve fallen and how much you’ve lost, there is always a new tomorrow.

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