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    Next to None – Phases

    Phases is the second album from prog metal outfit Next to None, comprising vocalist Thomas Cuce, guitarist Derrick Schneider (who replaces Ryland Holland), bassist Kris Rank and Max Portnoy (son of…

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    AudioPlastik – In the Head of a Maniac

    That old argument/discussion has raised its head again. Labelling music in different genres seems to be a sop to our ordered lives where everything must have a place but, labelling something…

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    Forgotten – 13 Martyrs

    “Ankarian Epic Art act”, try saying that when you’ve had one too many sherberts, songs that are majorly influenced by shamanism, mythology, history, war and battlefields. The album, 13 Martyrs, by…

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    Dark Age – A Matter of Trust

    Billy Graham once said that “History is full of surprises, and the next century will be no exception”. I’d like to take a small twist on the wording and replace ‘history’…

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    Twintera – Lines

    I know, I’m too young to talk about this, but let me tell you that I am an ancient soul and I’ve reincarnated a few times already. Anyway, I must confess…