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  • Album Reviews

    Reason- The Deception of Dreams

    It’s fascinating to envision the niches that bands create for themselves, without really designing to either. They just follow their hearts and souls, play what they love, and a little corner…

  • Specials

    Reason – The Darkest Star

    Hey folks! As I mentioned quite a few times here, my biggest goal, when I started this journey, was to eradicate the worst crime in music – no, I’m not talking…

  • Q&A With LOMM

    Chris Gyngell (Reason)

    Lady Obscure: Hello Chris, first of all  I appreciate your time for answering my questions. Chris: Pleasure Nem. Lady Obscure: Can you first tell us how you guys came together?  [pullquote_right]Over…

  • Specials

    Reason – Life to a Flame

    Hey lovelies! You know some songs grab you by the scruff of the neck straight away? Lovely Sarah sent this song my way for which I’ll be forever grateful. I got…