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Symphonic / Melodic Metal

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    The Dark Element – The Dark Element

    For those who are fans of Symphonic metal, Nightwish in particular, Swedish singer Anette Olzon was, at the time, a polarizing figure. During her tenure with Nightwish from 2007 until her acrimonious and…

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    Temperance – The Earth Embraces Us All

    I tend to follow a considerable number of female-fronted symphonic metal bands. This branch of the genre appeals to me a lot and there’s usually a huge amount of captivating, passionate…

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    Delain – Lunar Prelude

    Never a band to rest on their laurels, after releasing their last album The Human Contradiction in 2014 and touring extensively in the U.S. and abroad, Dutch metal sensations Delain are…

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    Diabulus in Musica- Argia

    There should always be a certain amount of variety in everything you’re doing, be that your usual everyday occupation or hobbies like review-writing. Without it, things can get stale, the excitement…