Lady Obscure – Founder, President

“Lady recently interviewed me in Los Angeles, for her “Webzine”. She seemed to have done her homework very well, and I always enjoy being interviewed by media people who know most of the facts before they even ask a question. It is an honor to recommend Senem………Bobby”

Bobby Kimball (formerly Toto)  (Bobby Kimball Interview)

” The fantastic Lady Obscure. If you haven’t visited the website, do yourself a favor. The reviews are always well written and insightful and the interviews are of great interest to both the musician and the music fan. Nem asks the questions you want the interviewer to ask and gets to the heart of the artist.”

Jimmy Keegan – Spock’s Beard ( Jimmy Keegan interview )


Senem was a joy to speak to and it was great to meet a someone who did their background work prior to interview. Would that there were more music journalist of her quality out there. I very much look forward to working with Senem again. 

Simon Godfrey – Shineback, Tinyfish ( Simon Godfrey Interview )

“Nem’s professional and enthusiastic approach makes it a pleasure to work in the music industry.”

Rich Hinks – Aeon Zen (Aeon Zen – Enigma)

A HUGE thank you to Lady Obscure for her detailed review of Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed. I was so engrossed by the read that I wished I could go and listen to the album for the first time again!
Nem says that “there is nothing in this album that makes it anything short of a true masterpiece. With its generous offerings, from its fantastic production to its depth, it achieves a rare thing, a high degree of grandiosity. It is musically and lyrically very rich. Such a rewarding listen!”
Can’t say fairer than that!

David Elliott – Bad Elephant Music (Shineback – Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed)

Nem is an absolute gem!!

We first became acquainted when she asked if she could interview and review my band ‘Pyrrhic’. Of course we jumped at the chance!

Nem is extremely enthusiastic and passionate about her music, that is very clear. Her professionalism is abundant. Of which, these qualities are what she demands of her writers on her website, she operates a very respected and friendly site.

Her reviews are very comprehensive and beautifully written!

Chris Billingham – Pyrrhic (formerly of Lost In Thought) ( Chris Billingham Interview )

“WOW… what an amazing review.  It’s fantastic to hear such a positive reaction to our music. You really picked up on the core elements that we were striving for in both our writing and performing…. which is encouraging!! :)”

Jonny Tatum – Eumeria (Eumeria – Rebel Mind)

” This is one of the best reviews I had the chance to read. I like the way you write, interesting vision angle. It’s like a diary, you talk to people.”

Samuel Arkan, Epysode (Epysode – Obsessions)

“I’m really blown away because your analysis of what we have tried to create is amazingly accurate… You obviously have a great musical intellect! [Our music] was never meant to be [classified] – Miserable & uplifting… That exactly IS what it was meant to be. Just amazing!”

Chris Gyngell – Reason (Reason – The Darkest Star )

“I don’t just like it, I LOVE it! Without a doubt the best review we have gotten so far. You rock!”

Robert McClung – Telergy (Telergy – The Exodus)

“Too few people follow their dreams and live with passion. We all have a lot to learn from you”

Simon Stockley –  Principal Teaching Fellow in Entrepreneurship at Imperial College

Wow, wow and more wow – obviously I want Shineback to get good reviews, but could I have realistically expected one with such insight and so many lovely things to say ?

With so many thanks to Lady Obscure, I’ll start you off with “It’s the most daring effort I came across in the past few years” and you can take it on from there – go and enjoy a great read

James Allen – Bad Elephant Music (Shineback – Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed)

if you need more convincing about this album, check out this comprehensive review by the great Nem Nol, aka Lady Obscure, she really nails it on what it is that makes the album not only great, but daring and emotional too

Gary Copnall – Reader (Shineback – Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed)

Needless to say, Nem’s reviews are always my first port of call

Ian Hall – Reader (Shineback – Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed)

… now THIS? … is how you write a review …

Bobby Goodoien – Reader (Shineback – Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed)

“I know your engaging nature and charisma have you perfectly cut out for that scene and I sincerely think you’ve got a real chance to do that til the day you retire and if not it’ll be because you found something that gives you even greater joy than that.”

Joshua Rose

lonestar – Editor

Thank you very much for this review. It could not have been better. To induce feelings and make people think was all that we were hoping for when we wrote the album. Your review proves to me that we have reached our goal at least once.  Thank you so much for writing everything down so clearly and accurately. Your words open my mind for thoughts I was almost forgetting in my daily routine. It means a lot to me. Thank you very much!”

Peter – Beyond the Bridge (Beyond the Bridge- The Old Man and the Spirit review)

“Thank you so much. The entire band read the review and loved it. It is so great to see people taking an interest in unsigned acts and taking time to write about them. We really appreciate it. Keep up the awesome work. The music industry needs more people like you.”

Michael Ciccia – Mandroid Echostar (Mandroid Echostar- Citadels review)


 “Thank you very much lonestar, you are the man we have been waiting for!!! We are getting quite good reviews but often have a feeling that people don’t really pay attention, don’t realize or don’t notice our effort!!  Thank you again Sir”Fabio Varalta – Stargate (Stargate- Beyond Space and Time review)

Progradar – Senior Editor

Martin’s review is enormously appreciated – and it means a lot to me personally. I guess when a band has been around for as long as Abel Ganz a lot of people may [perhaps rightly] assume they know what to expect from a new Ganz album.

When we started making our new record we made an absolute conscious and deliberate decision to break away from such expectations and attempt to expand our palette – full in the knowledge that we were taking a bit of a risk, but hopeful nonetheless that people may appreciate a genuine attempt to hopefully improve a little and just maybe actually progress.

So – I thank you once again Martin for ‘getting it’. I hope to buy you a pint one day. J

Denis Smith– Abel Ganz ( Abel Ganz -Abel Ganz review )

“Martin’s reviews are always thoughtful, incisive, and very well-written. He doesn’t hold back when he thinks something isn’t quite right, though he’s never nasty, and his constructive criticism is so clearly born from his deep love of the music. Martin is one of my ‘go to’ guys when I’d like an impartial set of ears for a Bad Elephant release. If he doesn’t like it, he’ll tell me – fortunately he’s enjoyed them all so far! With over 100 reviews under his belt, Martin’s writing now has gravitas to add to his boundless enthusiasm for new music.”

David Elliott, CEO at Bad Elephant Music
( The Fierce and the Dead – Spooky Action review )
( Simon Godfrey – Motherland review )
( The Gift -Land of Shadows review )

“Martin really encapsulates everything that’s great about a music reviewer. Not only is he thorough and insightful with his analysis of music and the thematics of an album, but he also loves what he does, and that shines through in everything he writes. He’s also a true professional with an amazing work ethic – I have no idea where he gets his energy! I’ve had my own albums reviewed by Martin and I’ve also been interviewed by him, and I can honestly say that he is one of the friendliest and most accommodating people I’ve encountered in the music industry.”

Mark Healy – Hibernal
( Hibernal – Replacements review )
( Hibernal – The Machine review )
( Mark Healy interview )

Rocio Flores Bedoya – Editor

The Most Amazing Review I’ve ever read! Ok, I’m not saying this because it’s a review about my record. No! You have to read it to understand, this is a story, a magical trip, a face-melting ground-shaking mind-numbing piece of goodness.

Rocio Flores Bedoya from LadyObscure.com has described the project, the album, the music, the feeling and the style with her review that sent multiple chills down my spine when I woke up this morning and read it.”

Shant Hagopian – Semantic Saturation (Semantic Saturation – Solipsistic)

 “We absolutely loved the review! Not just because it´s honoring us, but also cause it is well written, and you can feel that you have gone deep with this 🙂 ”

Åsa Netterbrant (Zephyra – Kämpaglöd)

“Fughu has just released two new albums (yes: TWO), ‘Human: The Tales’ & ‘Human: The Facts’.  Faster than we could ever imagine, we’ve received from Lady Obscure’s Rocio Flores Bedoya, the nicest and most detailed review about our work, beautifuly written.  We’re very proud of being part of this community and thankful for the kind support.  Cheers!”

Juan Manuel Lopez (Fughu – Human)

“Many thanks for your gloriously written review, it is very much appreciated and I am very flattered that you enjoyed it so much. Thank you so much”

John Bassett (KingBathmat – Overcoming the Monster)Phoenix – Author/Editor

Hi Lacy, just wanted to thank you for the review. It is probably the best one out there. cheers, Ronnie

Ronnie König– Signum Regis ( Signum Regis – Exodus review)

This review doesn’t just scratch the surface, it goes deep inside; very analytical. We love that.  Thanks to Lady Obscure Music Magazine / Phoenix

Signum Regis ( Signum Regis – Exodus review)