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Vanishing Point – Dead Elysium

Artist: Vanishing Point
Release date: August 28, 2020
Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Melodic Power Metal

It’s been six long years since Melbourne Australia’s power metal titans Vanishing Point released their last album, Distant Is The Sun. After many trials and tribulations, including a line-up reshuffling, Vanishing Point is finally back with their new album, Dead Elysium, out now on AFM Records. So the first question would be, is it worth the long wait? The answer is unequivocally, YES! All of the bands trademarks are here, beautifully composed high energy symphonic melodic metal songs, highlighted by the tasteful guitars from main man Chris Porcianko, the lead guitar work of James Maier, the soaring majestic vocals of frontman Silvio Massaro, and the introduction of new blood, bassist Gaston Chin and drummer Damien Hall.

Regarding the long hiatus of the band, Porcianko explains to us lately: “We faced many obstacles over the years between Dead Elysium and Distant Is The Sun, we’d like to think that this album is also a kind of reflection on the journey we had as a band and as individuals over the last few years.” Vanishing Point have undergone a resurgence and have embarked on a campaign to
put themselves back in the eyes of the heavy metal world. 

The album starts off with the powerful anthemic title track, a banger of a song with crunchy guitar rhythms, shining keyboards, and symphonic bombast. Singer Massaro’s warm and powerful vocal delivery really bring the song to another level of energy. Count Your Days is another beautifully crafted gem of melodic metal. The song is mid-tempo and chock full of gorgeous and rich lead vocals and multi-layered harmonies. The symphonic elements are there but never overpower the song, instead the piano work adds another layer of melody. Meier’s lead guitar work is stellar and technical but always tasteful and fits perfectly into each songs framework.

To The Wolves is a heavy rocker with Porcianko’s chugging guitars and Maier’s brilliant leads, driving double kick bass drums courtesy of new skinsman Hall, and Massaro’s incredible vocals. Salvus is a dark and brooding opus with powerful orchestration and multi-layered guitar harmonies. Massaro’s voice soars majestically and fit the positive lyrics perfectly in these dark times.

The Fall begins with a massive harmonized guitar riff that is a focal point of the song. Massaro’s strong vocal attack really delivers over a driving guitar rhythm and pounding drums. The drum work on Free is technical and really gives the song a heavier sound. The harmony guitars area highlight as well as Massaro’s vocal melody lines which are harmonized for great effect. Recreate The Impossible features a razor sharp riff and uplifting orchestration. Massaro’s rich voice reaches for the heavens throughout, creating an emotional performance.

Shadow World is another example of emotionally-charged, classy symphonic metal played with passion and precision. The Healing is a fast paced riff heavy metal masterpiece and Massaro really digs deep to bring out an emotional performance that truly showcases his vocal range.

The albums final track, The Ocean, is a classic sounding metal anthem very reminicent of vintage Iron Maiden. The melodies and harmonies are so prominent and uplifting and a perfect way to close out a great comeback story. If you are a Vanishing Point fan, you will not be disappointed and fans of melodic heavy metal with find a lot to love here!

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