Welcome to Obscureland

Welcome to Lady Obscure Music Magazine. You will find lots of in-depth reviews of all the amazing music!

You know how it goes – with number of awesome albums out there, you’d have to drop everything and browse music all the time. You might even fail your favourite band by getting to their new album one year after it is released.

That’s where we come in. Be warned though, depending on how we feel that day, we could analyse the album music-wise or lyrics might get more attention… If it is a concept album, for instance, you could find yourself reading about authors that have been dead for the last 50 years. We could explore easter eggs and references…

But mostly we would be identifying where the album stands in the metal scene so you would have an idea as to what you are in for. Even if you know squat about the band, after reading the review you’ll have an idea as to whether this album is for you or not…

Where to Find What

Here is a short description for each different part of our zine, the Lady Obscure Music Magazine! With the addition of new categories and bits, these will be updated.


This is where the our interviews with the amazing musicians we all know and love live! Visit here for a wealth of information about the men and women who rock our worlds regularly – from their own lips no less!

Album Reviews

Here, you can find all that awesomeness, the music itself, that drives you as it drives us! I am, and all the Lady Obscure Magazine authors are, real music freaks – we daily find, listen and recommend good music to each other. Some of these leave a mark and we share them with you! Oh, incidentally, you may want to visit our Facebook group for talking about music (with the musicians themselves, some of the time!) – Lady Obscure and the Metal-Heads. Come and say hi!

Lady’s Q&A Project

This is an exciting project I’ve cooked up to be able to introduce you to more and more awesome bands and musicians! In this section, you will find short Q&A sessions with the musicians so that you know more about them. If you are a musician who would like to be featured in this project, please visit the Lady’s Q&A Request page and send me a request!

Mini Posts

Everything about the music and musicians I or the awesome Lady Obscure Music Magazine authors want to share with you and which are not album reviews, news or interviews, go here. You can find anything from an observation about music in general to a funny story that involves a musician and an author here!

Music News

This section is chuck full of news about musicians, albums, books about music… really, anything that is about music and news-worthy!

Lady’s News

You know, part of the reason I am here doing this is quite obviously, the music itself – the less obvious part though, is you guys. I love people who have a burning passion for music! I love meeting them, I love hearing about them… If you are like me, this section will tell you about what I am up to!

The rest…

You see, the people contributing to my zine have deliciously different but amicably similar tastes in music. This, predictably, leads to a lot of things like spending time together, meeting a lot of like minded people, etc. So, I hope to see you guys around and to make it possible, I put a lot of “pathways” to my zine. There are ways to contact me directly, find out about me and my team, join us at various social media and you know, just see what the Lady and the team look like, where do they hang out both in real life and on the interwebz! Just click around the links and menus up there, subscribe to my zine to receive emails when I post something new or subscribe to my RSS feed. Anything you want, really…