Who Am I

Hey folks!

Well, to give you the heads up, all you will read below can actually be summarised in one sentence. I have an insatiable passion for music. Period…

So much so that I have been in the industry in one way or another for years… As a tight listener at first then in some professional roles such as booking, promoting, managing artists… All was great fun… Made great memories, met great people and all… But there always was something missing – something that I never stopped seeking to find out.

In 2011, I studied MBA in London, at Imperial College *cough* Brian May’s college *cough* and completed the course with merit if that means anything at all… But there’s something that really matters about it; during that course, going through quite a transformation like all other MBAs, I came to understand that I could do more… I could do something that would make everyone involved happy… you know the only limit is your own imagination!

I basically accepted the fact that the music freak in me will not rest.

“You love recommending people bands anyway… and, to be honest, don’t you think you TALK a little too much about music?”

“Remember the friends zoning out because you nagged them about that debut album released or this guitarist or vocalist, some song or the other?”

“Good bit is, you always stay current… Follow new bands and albums and stuff…”

“Simply write about it lady! Reach out to those who are as passionate as yourself…“

So, yes… my passions manifesting themselves in the form of band management, promotion, booking, planning and all that in the past are now maturing into something more… And finally found it – the missing link – the missing link… Write about music dammit!

So, this zine is where I and my fantastic authors meet you every single day to share all our music-related efforts, namely interviews, album reviews, photos, videos, podcasts… Pretty much everything you can think of about the bands you know and bands you wish you had known all those years…

What exactly should you expect to see here?

Well, I’m a metal-head, so more often than not this will show… I will bring my own personal taste to the table along a list of a truck load of genres from death to metalcore… avant-garde to power. My love of progressive metal is not a secret and with those who are or who will be prog-heads, we will have… So. Much. Fun!

Of course, metal is not the only thing I will be focusing on – music is an endless ocean- and if you keep an open mind, the chances are you will find yourself in deep, dark, unknown and exciting waters like I often do…

In short, I can’t stay away from music, not for a single second… nor can I from the musicians…

There were other motivations too, to make me want to start this journey…. One day it occurred to me that I have developed a substantial international network in the music industry, thanks to that uncurbed passion.

Of course, there were people helping me, supporting me… I have an unbelievable support network… I mean, really, unbelievable! Thanks guys!

So yes, these all brought me here. Now, I am a music journalist, DJ, promoter, and an all-round music freak – I listen to music for about 15 hours a day, write about music around 4 hours a day and think about music circa 28 hours a day.

These numbers would have been higher but I have a cat.

Last but not least, since you now know that I love talking about music, I thought we’d TALK about music! So write comments, drop me an email, and say “hello, have you seen these guys on stage? They are awesome!” .. pretty much anything you’d like me to know!

See you along the way!

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