Why us?

What makes Lady Obscure Music Magazine high-end?  Once you read our reviews, you can see why Lady Obscure stands out from other magazines.  Not only are our authors vetted with the highest of standards, each review they compose is also meticulously and lovingly written. Our reviews go in-depth, and as has been noted by the musicians themselves, they are not your typical 10-sentence overview.  All of our authors listen to each album a minimum of 10 times, going beyond just a surface-level, cursory impression.  Each review gives a history of the band, incorporating their other discography and cross-referencing other music as well giving the reader an idea of how the music sounds. Every track is addressed in the reviews, and you won’t find a generic overview that gives you little information. The conclusions will give you an idea how each album excels or falls short with an honest analysis of the album in and of itself as well as where it fits in with their entire discography.  Each author brings the albums they review to life with their passionate and analytical approach so that each reader will view Lady Obscure as their premiere reviewing authority to help them in their musical explorative journey.

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